Company Profile

Novidea, the leading provider of the only born-in-the-cloud, data-driven agency management system, enables agents, wholesalers, MGAs and MGUs to modernize and manage the customer insurance journey, end-to-end, and drive growth across the entire insurance distribution lifecycle.

Howden Transforms its Guarantees Business with Novidea

Howden’s Guarantees department used to be at the mercy of its partner insurance company and their slow, archaic systems for processing and creating policies. Now, they’ve digitized the entire process with Novidea – creating huge time-saving benefits for the business. Moving data and management to the Novidea platform, Howden compressed the policy creation lifecycle from a full week to just a couple of hours.

Four Key Hurdles to Executing Blueprint One

People and their tradition, processes, systems, and standards are among the biggest challenges ahead for launching Blueprint One. That’s according Paul Evans of Definitive InsureTech and Chris Carney of Verticalised Consulting in this Through The Lens video interview.

Technology and the Blueprint – two views in 3 minutes

In this third of five “Through The Lens” video interviews, Paul Evans of Definitive InsureTech and Chris Carney of Verticalised Consulting lay out why technology – and your data strategy –  will determine if Blueprint One gets to the finish line.

How Blueprint One Will Change The London Market

What changes will impact London Market brokers as a result of Blueprint One? And will integrated MGA solutions compete for wholesale broker business? Two insure-tech experts offer answers in this 3-minute overview.

Blueprint One Means it’s Time to Get Agile

Agility and rapid innovation in your business and products will be vital under Blueprint One. That means leaning on collaboration, automation and open APIs to stay ahead of the curve. Watch our final installment of Through the Lens for guidance from two experts.