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Behind Our Tech

With customers in twenty countries, we’re transforming the insurance industry from the inside out. Our platform is built on leading technology from Salesforce, delivering cutting-edge performance and capabilities which benefit their businesses and their customers.

How are we achieving that? We stack our team with experts and enthusiasts, and then we create an environment they can thrive in.

That means exposure to the newest technologies, paths for growth, clear responsibilities, realistic workloads, healthy boundaries, clear and concise communication, and shared values.

What exactly are our values, you ask? Read on, potential Novidean.

We Inspire and Lead Success

At Novidea we are leading the digital transformation in the insurance industry. Every day, our teams tackle problems big and small with a blend of expertise, contagious energy, open-mindedness and ownership. We strive to inspire our colleagues and clients and ignite them with our passion to succeed.

We Empower Colleagues and Customers

For us Novideans, empowerment is the backbone of our work ethic. We provide our co-workers with autonomy, resources and the support and guidance they need to act independently and make smart decisions. This extends to our customers with whom we share experiences, collaborate and offer steadfast support.

We Constantly Innovate

We’re on a continuous quest to make the insurance industry more innovative, efficient and synergized. With one eye on tomorrow, our focus is on developing premium solutions. Our people are curious, creative and dedicated to this pursuit.

We Instill Confidence

We’re not just transforming the industry—we’re changing how our customers work. It’s a big transition, and it requires a healthy, trusting relationship. Every member of our team helps us earn and maintain that confidence. They exemplify the Novidean spirit by being committed, by holding themselves accountable, and by truly caring.


With a customer base spanning well over 20 countries, we pride ourselves in our diverse and international environment. Our team is encouraged to learn from each other and use that knowledge to create great technology and a thriving environment at work.